Account Transfer Form

BSA Troop 239

Scout Account Transfer Form


BSA Troop 239 maintains a saving account for Scout earned monies and track the money they each scout has earned through various fund raising activities. They may use these funds for any Scout related expense. Examples: Recharter, campouts, summer camp or Scout shop. The account is maintained by the Troop Treasurer along with input from the Troop Scribe. In order to use these funds, this form must be submitted to the Troop Treasurer for any/all transfer and must include any receipts if requesting reimbursements. Any dispute of available funds or qualifying expense will be decided by the Troop Committee.



I ___________________________________ wish to have the amount of $ ___________


Withdrawn/transferred from my scout account and used for the following scout related


expense: ________________________________________________________________




Account bal. before      _______________


Amount used                _______________


New account bal.         _______________


Scout signature ______________________________________        Date _____________


Parent signature ______________________________________       Date _____________


Troop Treasurer Approval:       Yes     No       Reason _______________________


Treasurer signature ____________________________________      Date _____________


Troop Committee Approval:     Yes     No       Reason _______________________


Committee chairman signature ____________________________      Date _____________